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Renewal Deadlines, Forms and eFiling

The Office of Finance expresses our appreciation to all of you who renew your permits on time. Filing your permits timely avoids the chance of your business operating out of compliance. All permit renewals are due by the end of December, don't delay. 

To help you avoid missing any deadlines, we built the Finance Calendar to provide you automated renewal notices to your phone or PC.  After you open the Finance Calendar, just click on the "+" bottom right of your screen to add it to your personal calendar.

Finance Calendar


Annual Renewals

Online Service Deadline

Police Alarm Permit

Apply Now    Renew Now

December 31

Police and Fire Permit

Renew Now

December 31

Tobacco Retailing

Renew Now

December 31



Alarm Permits

Fire Permits

Police Permits (Non-Alarm)

Tobacco Permits