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4 Million Reasons to Strive for Financial Management and Customer Service Excellence.

The City of Los Angeles is vast.  It sprawls across roughly 470 square miles with 80+ neighborhoods  connected by approximately 6,500 miles of streets. More importantly, it is home to over 4 million Angelenos and over 500,000  businesses with even larger dreams, goals and aspirations.

We at The Office of Finance carry an important responsibility to ensure these 4 million entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders have the necessary  services and city infrastructure to thrive.  As LA’s primary revenue generator, The Office of Finance engages in the pursuit of excellence in financial management for the City, its residents, and its businesses.

Finance is the Treasurer-Tax Collector of the City.

The Office of Finance comprises twelve divisions, each with important responsibilities to support the overall financial health of the City of Los Angeles and all of the stakeholders it serves, from residents and visitors, to businesses, both large and small.

On an annual basis, Finance is responsible for the collection of over $3 billion in revenue from various sources including taxes, licenses, fees, and permits which pay for numerous essential municipal services to City residents and businesses.  From tax discovery units to customer support, the tax collection division secures the inflow of funds to keep the City operating.

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Finance is the custodian of all money deposited in the City Treasury and all securities bought by the City, which involves building investment strategies that mitigate downside risk and capturing upsides from the market. Treasury actively manages the City's  $11.1 billion General Pool and $300 million Special Fund investment portfolio, and processes over $40 billion through treasury services.

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Los Angeles Office of Finance Annual Plan 2020
2020 Annual Plan

Click here to view the 2020 Annual Plan.