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Received a Notice of Non-Compliance?

If you have received a Notice of Non-Compliance, it is because our records indicate that you have registered previously for a Business Tax Registration Certificate, but have not yet filed for your annual renewal and failed to make your payment for the given tax period.

If you have filed and paid for your annual Business Tax Renewal, then please disregard the mailing.  If you have not filed and paid, you have multiple options to bring your account in good standing with the City of Los Angeles.

Renew Online
Our e-filing system speeds and simplifies the filing of your renewal. If a tax liability is due you can use an e-check payment with no additional transaction fee.  If a payment is made by check, a service charge will apply.  Business with a tax liability of $50,000 or more will be directed to process the payment via E-Check Payment Option.

*Please note that our Online ACH Payment Option is no longer available.  For your convenience, payments previously inputted under 'ACH' can now be made through our E-check Payment Option.


Online Renewal

Complete the form you were mailed and mail it with the required payment to:

Office of Finance
P.O. Box 102654
Pasadena, CA 91189-2654



Q: I did not get my renewal form in the mail. 

A: The due date for the annual business tax renewal is the last day of February (or first Monday following the last day of February if it falls on a Sunday) and must be renewed on time to get any exemptions or to not pay interest/penalties.  If you missed this deadline, you must now report online or by mail.

Q: Why do I have to renew if I made less than $100,000? 

A: This exemption is based on timely filing of the annual business tax renewal.  In order to receive the exemption, you must have renewed on time.  At this time, you can renew online or by mail/email.


Q: I don’t own a business and I keep getting this form. I work from home. 

A: If you receive a 1099 or are paid in cash, you are required to have a BTRC and renew yearly business taxes. Please complete your renewal form and return to the Office of Finance by email or mail. 


Q: I mailed my form in, why am I getting this notice? 

A: We do not have a record of  your renewal in our system, do you have proof of mailing? If so, please provide by mail/email and we can update your account.


Q: I renewed online, why am I getting this notice? 

A: If you have the confirmation  number you received when you filed, then we can fix it for you.  Please provide a copy of your renewal with the confirmation page by mail/email.


Q: I’m a creative artist and made less than $300,000. Why do I have to renew?     

A: The exemption is based on timely filing. In order to receive the exemption you must renew on time. At this time, you can renew online or by mail/email. 


Q: I don’t have a bank account or access to the internet? Can I visit a public counter and pay cash? 

A: Currently only our Van Nuys location is open, with limited hours.  Please view our contact us page to view hours and/or make an appointment. If you would prefer to make the payment by mail, please obtain a money order and remit renewal and payment by mail.

If you need additional assistance please call our office at 844-663-4411 or send an email to