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Tax Education

Created especially for Los Angeles business owners, the Finance Tax Academy delivers comprehensive business tax and compliance education designed to help you understand your tax liabilities as a business owner. The Academy features tools, information, forms and other resources intended to make it easier for your business to stay in good standing with the City of LA.

Lesson Plans

Did you know that to conduct business inside the City of LA, that you need to obtain a Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC)? Learn all about it here.

How to Register for a BTRC

Business Types - No Registration Required

To stay in good standing with the City, you must renew your Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) every year. Let us demystify the process for you.

Renewal Deadlines, Forms and eFiling

How to File Renewals

Cannabis Renewals

Business Tax Extensions

Received a Notice of Non-Compliance?

Installment Agreement

Waiver of Penalty Request

Depending on your business type, you may have Alarm, Fire, Police, or Tobacco Permits you must renew.  Learn how here.

Renewal Deadlines, Forms and eFiling

Business Requiring Permits

Police Permits

Fire Permit

Tobacco Permits

Every person who engages in business within the City of Los Angeles is required to obtain the necessary TRC(s).  Discover and learn about your tax rates here.

About the Business Tax

About Back Taxes for New Business Activity

Fiscal vs. Calendar Year Reporting

Know Your Tax Rates

Renewal Period FAQs

Is Single Category Filing Right For You?

Certain businesses may apply for tax exemptions based on their earnings or business types.  Learn more here.

Tax Incentives and Exemptions

Utility Users Tax Exemption for Seniors and Disabled

Received an assessments letter? Learn more about your next steps here.

Assessment Process

Requesting a Hearing

Board of Review

Settlement Bureau

Are you an unregistered business operating in the City of Los Angeles?  Learn about our Tax Discovery programs intended to bring businesses into compliance.

AB63 / SB1146 (Tax Discovery)

RMS Tax Discovery

Notice to LLC Taxpayers

Has your account gone into collections or are you being audited?  Learn about what you need to do to get back into good standing.

Collections FAQ

Offer in Compromise Info and FAQ

Collection Agencies

Changing the address or ownership of your business?  Please submit a Taxpayer Update Form.  Closing your business?  We are sorry to hear.  Learn about everything you need to know to properly close your business in the City of Los Angeles.

Changing or Closing Your Business