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Collection Agency Information

The City of Los Angeles is committed to utilizing all available resources to increase the collection of monies legally owed to the City. The City makes several attempts to collect in-house before the delinquent accounts are referred to collection agencies.

The City has entered into contracts with four outside collection agencies to help improve the collection of delinquent accounts. City Departments, including the Office of Finance, refer delinquent accounts $5,000 or less directly to the collection agencies. Samples of the types of accounts that are referred include business taxes, excessive false alarm charges, charges for illegal sign postings, permit fees, DUI emergency response cost recovery, damages to City property, etc.

City Departments also refer delinquent accounts over $5,000 to the Citywide Collection Unit, where accounts are worked in-house and select accounts and judgments are referred to the collection agencies.

The following are the four collection agencies currently under contract that were selected by the City of Los Angeles through the competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process:


AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc. 

General Inquiries & Specific Issues (complaints, account inquiries, supervisor)


(877) 541-8420


Caine & Weiner Company Inc.

General Inquiries


(818) 251-1797

Specific Issues (complaints, account inquiries, supervisor)


(818) 251-1780


Harris and Harris, Ltd.

General Inquiries


(855) 326-7913 

Specific Issues (complaints, account inquiries, supervisor)


(312) 423-7569


Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

General Inquiries


(944) 554-5354

For a dispute or inquiry


To make a payment


All of the above agencies provide both primary and secondary collection services, except AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc., who only conducts primary collections. Delinquent accounts are initially placed by the City with the agencies for primary collection services for a period of nine months. If an account remains uncollected after the nine month period, it is then reassigned by the City to another agency for secondary collection services.