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Keeping Los Angeles Financially Healthy!

Investment Division

The Investment Division of the Office of Finance serves as the investor and manager of public funds for the City of Los Angeles.  As the City's actively managed investment team, we oversee an investment portfolio that has increased from approximately $3.2 billion to today's $10 billion!  As custodians, the public can rest assured that investments are managed prudently. 

About our Investment Philosophy

The Office of Finance’s Investment Division, is responsible for the active management of the City’s $10.0 billion general investment pool and over $1.0 billion in special fund portfolios. The City’s investment pool consists solely of fixed income assets, and has an average “AA” rating.  The overall conventional investment choices of the portfolio is a reflection of the strong protection provided against losses, as well as maintaining adequate liquidity. In addition, the pool has a low market risk profile and is based on conservative, yet prudent investment policies.

Explore our website and learn more about the services we provide.  Through a number of links, you will be able to access bondholder information, financial reports, investment performance, and links to other financial resources.  Check back periodically for updates. 

Tom Juarez

"Our Investment team takes a pragmatic approach when investing taxpayer dollars, to ensure risk/adjusted earnings are commensurate with that of the current investment environment."

Tom Juarez
Chief Investment Officer

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