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Business Requiring Permits

Police Permits Fire Permits
Various types of business activities are regulated through the Police Department by means of Police Commission Permits. Although the Office of Finance collects the fees, the Police Department has the regulatory responsibility and powers in these areas. Police Permits have to be renewed annually.

Each Police Permit application, except those for burglar alarms, is investigated as to any criminal background of the applicant(s); that the business is being conducted in the proper zone; and, where applicable, that nearby residents and business people are notified of a public hearing at which they may voice their approval or disapproval of the activities of some of the intended businesses. Conditional use permit provisions apply to various Police Permits.

Police Permits are required for all premises (residential and commercial) having burglar alarms. Alarm permittees are billed by the Office of Finance for each false alarm.

The following is a list of those Police Permits where application is made through the Office of Finance:

  • Alarm (burglar) on Premises
  • Antique Shop
  • Antique Show/Collector's Exchange Show-promoter
  • Arcade (game) or Arcade (picture)
  • Auto Park
  • Bath Business (public)
  • Bowling Alley
  • CafĂ© - Entertainment/Shows
  • Card Club or School (except duplicate bridge)
  • Carnival
  • Dance Hall
  • Dance, One Night (public/teenage)
  • Dancing Academy or Club
  • Escort or Escort Bureau
  • Family Billiard Room
  • Figure Studio
  • Firearms/Ammunition (Effective 11-23-97, employees of persons who sell ammunition are required to obtain this police permit.)
  • Firefighters Organization
  • Firefighters Organization - Promoter or Solicitor
  • Game, Skill/Science (if prizes are awarded)
  • Hostess Dance Hall
  • Junk Collector or Dealer
  • Key Duplicator
  • Massage Business or Therapist
  • Motion Picture Show
  • Parade
  • Pawn Broker
  • Peace Officer Organization - Promoter or Solicitor
  • Pool Room
  • *Private Patrol Service
  • Rides (mechanical)
  • Rummage Sale
  • Sale - Closeout Removal/Fire
  • Secondhand - Auto Parts
  • Secondhand - Books/Magazines
  • Secondhand - General
  • Secondhand - Jewelry
  • Sellers of Firearms
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Skating Rink
  • *Street Patrol Officer
  • Swap Meet Operator

*Permit no longer required; however, registration is needed.

Many types of business operations also require a Fire Permit. Payments for certain Fire Permits are made to the Office of Finance and the inspection and regulation is the responsibility of the Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau. These permits and inspections are necessary to ensure the general safety of the public.

The following is a list of only those activities requiring Fire Permits where application is made through the Office of Finance:

  • Aircraft Fueling Station
  • Aircraft Refueler (Truck)
  • Airport Fueling System
  • Airport, Private
  • Assemblage Occupancy
  • Auto Fueling Station (with aboveground tank)
  • Bulk Distributing Station
  • Central Station Signaling System
  • Church (Original Fee Only)
  • Community Care Facility
  • Cylinder Filling Plant
  • Day Care Occupancy
  • Dry Cleaning Plant
  • Heliport
  • Hotel or Apartment Hotel
  • Laboratory
  • Marine Oil Terminal
  • Marine Service Station
  • Natural Gasoline Plant
  • Oil Well
  • Refinery
  • Sanitarium
  • School
  • Service Center for Armed Forces Personnel
  • (Original Fee Only) Special School
  • Theater
  • Theater, Little
  • Theater, Motion Picture