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Mandatory Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond Requirement

The Los Angeles City Council, with the approval of the Mayor, passed Ordinance No. 182283 in October 2012 amending Chapter II, Article 1.15, Parking Occupancy Tax, of the Los Angeles Municipal Code to require all auto park operators to post a bond to ensure payment of delinquent parking occupancy taxes and to allow the City to pursue all persons responsible for collecting and remitting the parking occupancy taxes to the City.

Auto park operators conducting business in the City of Los Angeles should be aware of the following:

  • Effective September 1, 2013, a Parking Occupancy Tax (POT) Collection Bond must be filed with the Office of Finance for each parking facility conducted by an auto park operator. New and renewed bonds must be issued following the Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond sample. 
  • In lieu of a Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond, an auto park operator may provide a cash deposit along with a completed Escrow Cash Deposit Agreement.
  • Each auto park operator is also required to complete and submit Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond/Escrow application to the Office of Finance when filing a Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond.   The Bond/Escrow application can be submitted online by clicking here.

More information is available through the links below:


City of Los Angeles - Office of Finance
Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond
PO Box 53234
Los Angeles, Ca  90053-0234