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Business Tax Calculator (BETA)


The Business Tax Calculator is part of a suite of self-assessment tools created by the Office of Finance to help business owners and entrepreneurs plan for their businesses by estimating their City taxes due. 

To use the calculator:

+ Select your business category from the first drop down field; and,
+ Input your gross receipts in the second field


If the selected business category is wrong or the actual gross receipts amount is higher than what is inputted, taxes owed to the city will likely be different than originally presented by this calculator. Also, please note that if you are in the second calendar year of when you started your business, you will  owe back tax. Please note that if you qualify for the Small Business Tax Exemption, that would offset any tax liabilities including back tax.  While back tax is not currently included in the Business Tax Calculator, you can learn more about it by clicking here.


**If you don't see your business category in the dropdown, it is because your tax calculation requires a few extra steps. Please select the appropriate guided worksheet for your business category:

Want to know your tax liability if you have employees (Stevedores Tax Schedule)?

LAMC 21.142 - Stevedores Tax Schedule [PDF 1 pages, 21 KB]

Do you produce Motion Picture, Television, or Radio programs?

LAMC 21.109/309 - Motion Picture, Television and Radio Producers Tax Schedules [PDF 1 pages, 244 KB]

Are you a Contractor?

LAMC 21.188 - Contractor [PDF 2 pages, 36 KB]

Have you sold Real Property in the City of Los Angeles?

LAMC 21.193 - Sale of Real Property [PDF 1 pages, 24 KB]

Do you transport people for hire (e.g. Uber, Lyft, etc)?

LAMC 21.194 - Transporting Persons For Hire [PDF 2 pages, 30 KB]

Is your occupation in Trucking or Hauling?

LAMC 21.195 and LAMC 21.196 - Trucking, Hauling and Miscellaneous Trucking [PDF 2 pages, 28 KB]