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Diana Mangioglu Director of Finance / City Treasurer

Welcome to the Office of Finance!

We serve to provide the necessary tools and resources for our businesses. Check out the LA Business Portal at the easy to remember URL -, for a roadmap on how to start a business as well as resources to help you grow your business.

But first, determine if you will be conducting business within the City of Los Angeles, as you may need to register for a Business Tax Registration Certificate to avoid any penalties:


- Diana Mangioglu, Director of Finance / City Treasurer

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2024 LAPD Chief of Police Community Survey

Our community members have a critical role to play in helping to recruit the next Chief of Police. Through community input sessions and this online survey, community input will be used when evaluating applicant’s knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics. This information will also be used to develop interview questions. The survey results will be summarized and made available to the public for their information.
Please take a moment to complete this survey. Required questions are marked with an asterisk. Please submit your survey no later than Friday, June 7, 2024.

Online Services

Business Registration

If your business (from LLC to 1099) is within the City of Los Angeles, you must register for a Business Tax Registration Certificate. Avoid fines and register today.

Renew Permits & BTRC's

Your Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) or permit may require annual, quarterly, or monthly renewal depending on your business type. Renew easily online.

Online Bill Pay

Have a Bill Stub Number? With our online bill pay service, you can skip the lines at the counter and pay from the comfort of your home or business.

Tax Forms

Quick access to all the tax forms you may need to keep your business in good standing.

Penalty Waiver Request

Owe back taxes? With our online penalty waiver request, you can apply to waive any penalties once all fees and associated interest is paid.

Paperless Statements

Go Green! Sign Up For Paperless Statements

Update Your Taxpayer Information

Changing or closing your business? You must complete our Taxpayer Update Form to let us know!


Explore regularly published reports by our Treasury, Tax & Permit, and Investment Division.

LA Business Portal Start a Business

"The LA Business Portal ( was built to help you start, manage, or grow a business. Right here in the City of Los Angeles."

Diana Mangioglu  
Director, Office of Finance

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Tax Incentives and Exemptions for Businesses

The City of Los Angeles provides a number of tax exemptions and programs that can eliminate or reduce your tax liability.

Tax Exemptions for Creative Artists

Program developed to offer professionals in the entertainment and creative industries a tax exemption

Small Business Tax Assistance

Qualifying businesses are eligible to receive assistance in completing their tax renewal forms.

Settling a Tax Debt

Delinquent on your taxes and having a hard time paying? Make an Offer in Compromise.

Don't Know Your Tax Rate?

Learn about which tax rate applies to you.

Renting a Dwelling

Renting a dwelling unit? Learn what you need to know from our FAQ.

Already Signed Up for Paperless?

Check your Office of Finance correspondence by logging in here.

Privacy and Refund Policy

The City of Los Angeles takes your privacy seriously. Learn about the steps we take to ensure you are protected.


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